Passengers on Quarantined Cruise Ship Blame Trump

Stuck off the coast of California due to coronavirus, a passenger shared what life is like on board the stranded Grand Princess cruise ship.

“People are starting to argue politics because our own president just announced that he would rather we be all stuck on a boat rather than actually get out and be able to fix this, regardless of the fact that most of us have not had any signs or symptoms, ” the anonymous passenger said.

“It’s kind of scary because it’s  the staff who is infected, it’s not the passengers…. only two passengers are infected but 19 of the crew are infected. And they are are the ones handing out food, handing out drinks, utensils, towels, everything,” she said on a recorded cell phone video.

“We have no clue when we’re going to be allowed to leave. They’re giving us really vague answers and really vague PA calls and telling us that they don’t know either,” said the quarantined passenger.


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